The free iOS version
The full iOS version

The Windows version (Version 11085 on 08 September 2019) - click here.

The Android version (Version 11085 updated 20 November 2023) - click here. This is NOT via the Google Play store - you need to make sure you trust the developer (me!), and jump through a few hoops - see here.

It's free, but if you like it and want to say thanks/buy me a beer/servo/LiPo etc!):

Donation amount

Notes on installing under Windows

Chrome sometimes complains about the Windows installer appearing to be malicious, as does Windows 10 (perhaps other systems too!). This is a bogus warning (see here) that I haven't yet managed to fix/work around. I think it's just a precautionary system detecting you're accessing an installer that hasn't (yet) been downloaded many times. If you're unsure, run it through a virus checker first!

Please note that the Windows version requires Windows XP or above (not sure about Windows 8), and hardware support for OpenGL 2.0 or above. If you experience problems you should try updating your graphics drivers. If that doesn't work, you can try changing the value of "SysGlesVersion" to 1 in app.icf (in the installation directory).

Notes on installing under Android

Google Play now requires that all apps/updates target a version of Android from the last few years. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible with PicaSim, because of how the software was developed. The latest version that is on Google Play only supports up to Android 13, and whilst I can make a version of PicaSim that runs on Android 14, I can't update it on Google Play! That's why I'm offering it as a direct download. Google/Android will warn and scare you about installing APKs directly, but it should be safe (if unsure, feel free to email me, or do some web searching and you'll see that it's considered to be a trustworthy application!).


If you find PicaSim (or its desktop predecessor SSS) useful or enjoyable, the paid versions on Android and iOS will support its future development, in particular by covering the costs of licencing various pieces of software (Terragen for the panoramic sceneries, and Marmalade for the cross-platform libraries).

So please consider purchasing the Android donation version, the iOS version, or making a small PayPal contribution using the links above. Playing the Amazon Underground version for a very long time will also work!