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PicaSim - Flight simulator for radio control aircraft, available on Android, iOS and Windows.
My cello.
I play the concertina.
Various photos, mostly of wildlife around Coburg (and more recently Frankfurt Am Main) in Germany where I used to work for Crytek on Crysis.
meteorology I spent 3 years at Reading University Meteorological Department studying for a PhD, and subsequently 2 years working as a post-doc researching the effects of turbulence in the atmosphere around weather fronts.
wavelets Whilst trying to transcribe a piece of music I was forced to resort to writing some programs to analyse it using wavelets, which turned out to be pretty interesting, especially as I was able to use the same software for my meteorological work too!
fret I tried playing stringy things for a while, but didn't get very far. This coincided with my rediscovery of programming, so I wrote this Windows application for calculating chord shapes.
rats I've looked after quite a lot of very nice rats over a number of years (though I have none at the moment)...
Flight Sim I've written a flight simulator for R/C model gliders (though it's flexible enough to cover helicopters and sledges too!).
Car Sim Simulating physical objects is really interesting - I wrote this rigid body simulator to try out a way of going about it.
Jiggle A much better rigid-body experiment.
JigLib My current (and best!) physics library/demo (work in progress).
Fluid Dynamics My fluid dynamics demo (work in progress).
Terrain Rendering complex scenery from a fixed viewpoint (work in progress... sort of).
Verlet/collision/character movement Some simple character movement code using Verlet integration.
HP iPAQ hw6916 Mobile Messenger Some comments on my HP iPAQ hw6916 Mobile Messenger
links Some links to other web sites.

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