Arranged in the same order as Askew's "the Dragonflies of Europe". Where available names are also in English and German.


Name Date Where etc
Calopteryx splendens

Banded Demoiselle

Gebänderte Prachtlibelle

14/8/2005 and 23/7/2006 Callenberger Ost Forst and Muehlheim lakes
Lestes sponsa

Emerald Damselfly

Gemeine Binsenjungfer

23/7/2005 Woods/by pond near Rodental (black pterostigma).
Lestes viridis

Willow Emerald Damselfly


23/7/2005 Woods/by pond near Rodental (brown pterostigma).
Sympecma fusca

Gemeine Winterlibelle

24/9/2005 Woods/by pond near Rodental. This and the very similar S annulata are the only two dragonflies/damselflies to overwinter as adults.
Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Large red damselfly

Frühe Adonislibelle

14/5/2006 Woods/by pond south of Frankfurt (male and pair) and Skane in Sweden (femal). When laying eggs the male keeps watch hanging onto the female.
Erythromma viridulum

Small Red-eyed damselfly

Kleines Granatauge

2/7/2006 Small pond south of Frankfurt. One of quite a few males patrolling guarding their areas, sometimes sitting on floating leaves (amongst loads of egg-laying Azure damselflies).
Coenagrion puella

Azure damselfly


18/6/2005 Woods/by pond near Rodental/Frankfurt. You can tell this (male) from the common blue by the "batman" shaped black mark on the 2nd abdominal segments. This shape is normally described as a "U" - hence the German name Hufeisen-Azurjungfer (Hufeisen = Horseshoe)
Coenagrion pulchellum

Variable Damselfly

24/5/2007 Skane in Sweden. The abdomen markings look like a mixture of male and female to me.
Enallagma cyathigerum

Common blue damselfly


17/9/2005 Rodental
Ischnura elegans

Blue-tailed damselfly

Grosse Pechlibelle

17/9/2005 Rodental


Name Date Where etc
Aeshna mixta

Migrant Hawker


10/9/2005 and 17/9/2005 Rodental. This chap (first image) was flying around and seeing off lots of other dragonflies - even with a wing missing! This is a view from almost above - so he's resting with his tail down (normal for hawkers). The second image is correctly orientated.
Aeshna cyanea

Southern Hawker

Blaugrüne Mosaikjungfer

21/7/07 and 3/9/2005

1st 3 photos in bush next to river in Oxford.

Subsequent 3 photos: Untermerzbach. Whilst sitting next to a pond there were a couple of these hawkers occasionally chasing each other. One took quite an interest in me and hovered next to me for quite a while (apparantly typical behaviour for the Southern Hawker) - long enough to get a blurry in-flight photo! After I saw one rest in a tree I was able to find three others in the vicinity.

Aeshna isosceles

Norfolk Hawker


11/6/2006 Muelheim
Anax imperator

Emperor dragonfly

Grosse Königslibelle

16/7/2006 Small pond in Frankfurter Stadtwald
Gomphus vulgatissimus


23/5/2007 Sweden (near pond in Skane)
Gomphus Pulchellus

Yellow-legged clubtail

Westliche Keiljungfer

11/6/2006 Muelheim lakes
Onychogomphus forcipatus

Green-eyed Hooktail

Kleine Zangenlibelle

23/7/2006 Muelheim lakes. Not absolutely sure about the id of this.
Cordulegaster boltoni

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Zweigestreifte Quelljungfer

5/6/2005 Woods/by pond near Rodental. Saw it shortly after emerging from its larval skin and it sat on a stick drying its wings (shivering them - that's why they're out of focus) for 10 minutes before flying away.
Somatochlora (metallica?)

(Brilliant?) Emerald

(Glaenzende?) Smaragdlibelle

27/8/2005 Rodental
Cordulia aenea

Downy Emerald

Gemeine Smaragdlibelle

11/6/2006 Muelheim
Libellula quadrimaculata

Four-Spotted Chaser


28/5/2006 Small pond in woods S. of Frankfurt. Same pond as the broad-bodied chaser above - both were at this pond on this day (though only broad-bodied 2 weeks earlier). The body is really furry!
Libellula depressa

Broad-Bodied Chaser


18/6/2005 and 14/5/2006 Immature male: Woods/by pond near Rodental.
Male: Small pond in woods S. of Frankfurt
Orthetrum cancellatum

Black-tailed skimmer

Grosser Blaupfeil

11/06/2006 I also have a movie of egg laying by the female - she does it with the male flying around chasing off other dragonflies, flicking her tail into the water. Last 3 images are an old female (near Rodental)
Sympetrum vulgatum

Vagrant Darter

Gemeine Heidelibelle

21/8/2005 Hacksberg - near Coburg
Sympetrum flaveolum

Yellow-winged Darter

Gefleckte Heidelibelle

21/8/2005 Hacksberg - near Coburg
Sympetrum sanguineum

Ruddy Darter

Blutrote Heidelibelle

Aug-Sept2005 Hacksberg/Rodental - near Coburg. In the movie clip the couple have mated and the male swings the female down so that the eggs flick off and go into the water Mating/egg-laying
Emerging dragonflies 18/6/2006 Various emerging dragonflies from a dawn trip - lots of pics so they have a separate page!
Unknown dragonfly exuvia 14/5/2006 Woods/by pond south of Frankfurt. Either Emerald, or chase/skimmer of some type. It was in reeds about 3m from the bank, not very far from the water surface.
Huge thanks to Roy Woodward for a lot of info/help identifying and correcting (also on my emergence page). Also to Christian Fischer.

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